Falmouth’s Wild Side…break out your hiking shoes and explore Falmouth’s inland escapes. Get outdoors and walk, hike as a pastoral escape, Falmouth has it all, woods, water and ample wilderness. Take a brisk walk or a leisurely stroll in one of several inviting places in Falmouth, such as these five go-to scenic spots.

By Joseph B. Healy and Photography By Betty Wiley – Long Pond

Beebe Woods & Peterson Farm

The joint Beebe Woods and Peterson Farm properties are located between Simppewissett Road, Woods Hole Road and Ter Heun Drive, with parking off Ter Heun at Peterson Farm or at the Cape Cod Conservatory off Depot Avenue. For more information visit https://highfieldhallandgardens.org https://300committee.org
Highfield Hall & Gardens – Beebe Woods – Photo by Betty Wiley
Peterson Farm – Photo by Betty Wiley

Bourne Farm

You may hike the farm throughout the year, but just know that weddings are common from spring to fall, and for that reason you may see a large tent or tents near the parking area. Also, Bourne Farm is a bird sanctuary and a pumpkin farm. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed, and owners are expected to bag waste. https://saltpondsanctuaries.org/bourne-farm/
Bourne Farm – Photo by Michael Petrizzo

Long Pond & Town Forest

Long Pond is Falmouth’s drinking water, so no drinking or swimming in the pond. Still, you’ll have much to appreciate on the 3.5 mile loop around. The Town Forest is the southern start of the Falmouth Moraine Trail, where mountain biking, bird watching and generally appreciating nature are all encouraged. Visit https://300committee.org/ for more information.
Long Pond – Photo by Betty Wiley
Town Forest – Photo by Betty Wiley

Salt Pond

The 35-acre preserve is between Salt Pond and the Shining Sea Bikeway, south of Locust Street/Woods Hole Road. You’ll find well-maintained trails through the woods and at the headwaters of the pond, which also hold migratory striped bass in the spring and fall. Popular with birders, the sanctuary has several trails through the low woods and along the edge of the pond. For more information https://saltpondsanctuaries.org/salt-pond/
Salt Pond – Photo by Betty Wiley
Salt Pond – Photo by Betty Wiley

The Knob

This is the perfect place for a family hike. A rocky peninsula overlooking placid Quissett Harbor and extending into Buzzards Bay, the Knob offers a less-than-a-mile trail meandering through lush greenery. Dogs are welcome but must be leashed, an owners are expected to bag waste. Park your bike or car (first come, first served at busy times) at Quissett and follow the signs to pick up the trail. Visit https://saltpondsanctuaries.org/the-knob/
The Knob – Quissett Harbor & Buzzards Bay – Photo by Betty Wiley


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