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The excitement and serenity of fishing off a Falmouth beach are gifts not to be taken for granted. Read on to discover five of the best local beaches for light-tackle or fly fishing. In springtime and after Labor Day in Falmouth, days are shorter and ocean waters coolers. Therefore, you can expect beaches to be less crowded than during the summer’s peak and access to them is more open. Perhaps no one is more excited than anglers. This time of year, they have plenty of room to cast from Falmouth beaches.

By Joe Healy and Photography by Dan Cutrona

In the spring and fall, when striped bass and other ocean fish such as bluefish and false albacore make seasonal migrations along the Atlantic coast. The fish visit the waters of Falmouth to fuel up on bait fish and to rest in the salt ponds, Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound.
Falmouth’s Menauhant Beaches faces Vineyard Sound, and the salt ponds behind the beach. Green Pond and Bournes Pond attract baitfish seeking warmer water and shelter. Therefore in turn attract hungry striped bass, particularly on a flooding or falling tide when the fish pick off bait trapped in the current.
The sandy beaches of Falmouth Heights along Vineyard Sound make for inviting wading in spring fishing. The summer months give away to crowds of swimmers and beach goers. However, the anglers return in the fall.
Old Silver Beach, with its warm waters from Buzzards Bay, is beautiful as it is popular for fishing. In the spring and fall, you might be surprised to find you have the beach all to yourself.
Therefore, jetties allow on-foot access to deeper water for fishing. While the rocky structures attract bait and game fish such as striped bass.
Fly Fishing Resources in Falmouth, contact Eastman’s Sport, 508-548-6900 & Tackle or Falmouth Bait & Tackle, 508-457-0700. In addition, to ask about fly patterns or lures, or to get fly-tying materials to tie your own flies.

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