Falmouth at 50: The Road Race Is Golden

Today the Asics Falmouth Road Race remains a must-run stop on the calendar. It has been honored by Runner’s World magazine with a Paavo Nurmi Award as the best road race in the nation. On the eve of the golden anniversary 50th race weekend is August 21 – Falmouth is aging gracefully. Runners will again convene in front of the Captain Kiid, where there is a plaque noting Tommy Leonard Start Line. The course will wind past Nobska Light, Surf Drive Beach and the harbor, and continue to Falmouth Heights.

By Bill Higgins | Photos Courtesy of Falmouth Road Race, Inc.
Runners round the bend at Nobska Lighthouse the one-mile mark of the race. Thousands run and thousands more watch along a picturesque seven-mile course from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights.
Olymic gold medal winner Frank Shorter won the Falmouth Road Race in 1975 and 1976.
There is always a crowd at the finish line in Falmouth Heights.
Runners sprint to the Falmouth Heights finish line in 2021. Happy 50th Birthday, Falmouth Road Race, still a gem, good as gold.
Falmouth Road Race Course Map from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights.
For more information on the Asics Falmouth Road Race visit https://falmouthroadrace.com/

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