Specialty Food

A Sweet Treat Safari

For a small town like Falmouth, the number of excellent bakeries defies the odds. Listen, I get why you might want to skip this intro and immediately dive into riding that sugar wave, but let me briefly get a couple things out of the way. First, this piece was very taxing to work on, and … Read more

A Match Made in Heaven

A quintessential pairing for holiday celebrations, oysters and Champagne shine any time of year. While oysters are a year-round culinary staple on Cape cod, they add a festive touch to any holiday menu, particularly when a paired with Champagne. Whether you’re hosting a party at home, or celebrating the season at one of Falmouth’s many … Read more

Specialty Food

Folks come to Falmouth for so many reasons – stunning sunsets, history and culture and a vibrant restaurant scene. This year with so many of us staying in, these specialty food shops and gourmet markets offer everything a foodie needs to enjoy delicious dining in the comfort of home. Italian Gourmet Foods – Slice of … Read more

Say Cheese!

Good cheese needs good companions. As the holidays approach, people are looking for guidance arranging fall and winter cheese boards for entertaining. And there’s a shop in North Falmouth dedicated to giving you the very best. By Lisa Cavanaugh and Photography by Derrick Zellmann Fromager D’Affinois – soft French double-cream cheese with a sweet yet … Read more