Suzanne Ryan

The Art of Giving

Julia O’Malley-Keyes dedicates life and work to bringing others joy. Step into the little gallery at 143 Maravista Avenue you will be welcomed by Julia O’Malley-Keyes. She’ll offer you a brief tour of the space and answer any questions you have. And only when she has left will you notice that the beautiful photographs you … Read more

Secret Garden:The Legacy of Charlie and Margaret Spohr

Nestled on the fringe of a quiet residential neighborhood on Fells Road in Quissett. You will find one of Falmouth’s most iconic and beloved landmarks. Once the pride and joy of Charlie and Margaret Spohr, who lived in the house they lovingly called “The Fells” for more than four decades. Spohr Gardens spans six acres. … Read more

Fly Fishing Safari

The excitement and serenity of fishing off a Falmouth beach are gifts not to be taken for granted. Read on to discover five of the best local beaches for light-tackle or fly fishing. In springtime and after Labor Day in Falmouth, days are shorter and ocean waters coolers. Therefore, you can expect beaches to be … Read more

Down to Earth

A husband and wife horticulturists have transformer their small yard into a garden oasis using a lifetime of plant knowledge and a heavy dose of TLC. Their plan for the garden was to use every square foot. With 55 varieties of day-lilies and 46 of hydrangeas combine with a sea of other ornamental plants. Trees … Read more