Suzanne Ryan

Benevolent Blooms

At Brick Kiln Farms, it’s all about cultivating kindness. Although Teri Navickas, owner of Brick Kiln Farm, never set out to be a flower farmer, it’s hard for her to imagine any other life. Teri and her husband, Mike, moved to Falmouth from Connecticut in 1985. Her background was in applied design; his was in … Read more

Decorated for the Season

The first-ever Harvest House Tour highlighted the horticultural creativity of Falmouth Garden Club members. There is a particular pleasure in admiring the interiors of other people’s homes. That’s compounded when the rooms include imaginative floral creations of skilled local gardeners. Guests on last fall’s Harvest House Tour, presented by the Falmouth Garden Club, were treated … Read more

Harvesting the Cranberry’s Lasting Legacy

Featured in homemade and store-bought sauces, cranberries play a starring role in the fall and winter as part of holiday meals across the country. But here in Falmouth, they’re part of the everyday table- and landscape, appreciated all year long. Much like the similarly scarlet, but sweeter, strawberry. The cranberry’s contribution to the culture and … Read more

A Match Made in Heaven

A quintessential pairing for holiday celebrations, oysters and Champagne shine any time of year. While oysters are a year-round culinary staple on Cape cod, they add a festive touch to any holiday menu, particularly when a paired with Champagne. Whether you’re hosting a party at home, or celebrating the season at one of Falmouth’s many … Read more

The Warmth of Wood

A former stable is transformed into an exquisite modern farmhouse. The spacious and inviting, renovated home by Lisa Brown embraces its 1870 origins while offering modern comfort and style. Originally built as a stable as part of the Beebe farm, the building had undergone various adaptations over the decades. Brown’s vision and Clancy Construction execution … Read more